About the Pro Staff

Information on the anglers chosen to represent the brand. Dive into their adventures as they tackle the tournament trails this year. Listen to podcasts, watch their videos and share their content.
  • Hayden Anderson

    The young, upcomming talent that has proven himself in the upper Mid-West as a fishing machine. He lives, eats and breathes everything fishing and is looked up to as he's been featured in multiple podcasts.

    Hayden Anderson Fishing 
  • Ron Mehr

    A legend of the game that has created a name for himself through his accomplishments. As he approaches this upcomming season, he prepares for the Toyota's and Champions Tour Events.

    Mehr's YOUTUBE 
  • Aaron Teal

    Since a young age the man was involved in competitive fishing. His experience is reflected through his impact on younger generations as well as his podcast popularity. He's inspired a new generation of talent.

    Aaron's Instagram